Tailor’s Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

Many people suffer from bunions however they are often considered a problem which is not severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor and many cases go untreated for long periods of time. The failure to take action sees the condition develop further and end up in tailors bunion surgery where the cause of the bunion is corrected by a surgeon.

Called a tailors bunionectomy, the procedure is invasive and carries a risk from a general anesthetic and may not always return the toe to pre-bunion normality. There is always tailor bunion surgery recovery time to factor into any tailor bunion operation. The recovery time from tailor bunion surgery will depend on each case in question and the extent of the surgical procedure undergone. It is fair to expect a minimum recovery of 2 days off the feet, followed by a period of a couple of weeks on crutches.

Bone heals slowly and will take time to settle into the new position. A bunion night splint is a great treatment to correct bunions, and is also useful post bunion surgery. A tailors bunion night splint will help straighten a bunion, and keep the toes of a post bunion surgery patient straight. It will keep the foot and toe in the correct position during the night to ensure that the muscles and the bones are correctly aligned. It will also serve as a bunion shield to prevent accidental and highly painful knocks from yourself or a partner.

Many people think of tailor’s bunion surgery recovery time as a period when weight must be kept off the feet, and that full normality will return within a couple of weeks. However recovery time is reality is considerably longer, as the bones heal over a long period. If care is not taken post surgery, the bunion could well make a comeback. As part of the recovery process it is important to take good care of the feet, which means choosing the correct footwear. Tailor’s bunion shoes are the best option.  Click on the link for more information on the specifications for tailors bunion shoes.

It is always a good option to continue to offer additional support to the feet and toes following a tailors bunionectomy. During the night bunion splints will help, however they are not practical for the day when toe straighteners are the best option. They fit on the feet like a sock, and give support to the toes to keep them straight inside the shoes. They can be purchased for the large toe to treat big toe bunions, the middle toes to treat hammertoe conditions, and for the small toe to treat tailor’s bunions. They will also prevent tailor’s bunions from recurring after an operation. They can be easily worn inside the shoe, and when used with a bunion night splint they will enable you to have 24 hour protection and correction for the feet.

If you take precautions tailor’s bunion recovery time can be reduced considerably, and you can be back to ambulatory perfection in super quick time.