Tailors Bunion Sandals For Summer

If you are suffering from tailors bunions the summer should be a time to get some much needed relief from your painful feet. Summer shoes tend to be much less restrictive than winter footwear and feature much thinner and more flexible materials for the uppers. This means less pressure on your bunions and less pain and irritation.
If you are loathed to get some air to your toes and put your tailors bunions on display for all to see, don’t worry as there are some sandals which can give you coolness and comfort this summer while offering some coverage for your bunions.
Our pick of the best tailor’s bunion sandals for the summer are listed below in no particular order. Simply choose the style and model to suit your taste and the pain from bunionettes should be reduced. Often a simple change of footwear is all that is required to stop bunions from deteriorating and to start the healing process.
Our selection includes healthy sandals for summer which all offer arch support and stability, and a design which is ideal for bunion sufferers. Fidelio sandals are a particularly good choice as they are made with the bunion sufferer in mind. They are highly beneficial sandals for sufferers of big and little toe bunions.

Fidelio Sandals

The best shoes for bunions need to have flexible uppers so they do not to exert pressure on the first joint of the great or small toe. When pressure is exerted by footwear it can cause bunions to deteriorate. Sandals are the natural choice as the unrestrictive uppers place no pressure on the toe joints, although this does mean that a tailor’s bunion will be visible. With most sandals there is a tradeoff between aesthetics and pain free walking; the toe is uncovered which is comfortable, but people will be able to see your bunion. It shouldn’t matter, but if you are a little self conscious about your feet, Fidelio sandals will give bunion coverage without causing irritation or pain.
Fidelio sandals have a design which eases pain from bunions and gets the air flowing between the toes. Fidelio sandals are often called hallux shoes, as they have been designed specifically to help bunion sufferers gain relief. Hallux means toe in Latin, and hallux valgus is the medical name for bunions.
Fidelio hallux sandals come from Austria; a country well known for making high quality leather footwear. The quality of construction of Fidelio sandals is what you would expect from a premium Austrian footwear brand, with high quality leather uppers and a quality of construction which sees the sandals last a good number of years. The uppers are constructed from stretchable leather which is soft and yielding so it does not to place pressure on your bunions, yet it is hard wearing to ensure a good lifespan. Many models also feature a soft bunion pouch for added comfort.
As with all of our recommended tailor’s bunion sandals, the footbeds in Fidelio sandals offer a good amount of support for the arches; much better than flip-flop style sandals. They feature padding under the metatarsals and a heel cup to keep the heel secure and supported when walking. There is also good heel cushioning thanks to an air cushioned sole; something of a rarity in summer sandals.
If you want to wear orthotic insoles there are few sandal brands which can accommodate these. Fidelio sandals however have a removable insole to allow for custom orthotics to be worn and allow a degree of customization of the design. The standard insole offers excellent support and helps to keep the foot properly positioned to ensure proper weight distribution, so you only need to replace these if you need to wear custom orthotic insoles. These high quality therapeutic shoes for bunions are not cheap. They have a RRP of around $179 a pair.

Orthaheel Sandals

Orthaheel sandals may not be specifically designed as tailors bunion sandals; however they are a great choice for bunion sufferers. They feature the Orthaheel insole – widely regarded as one of the best on the market – which aids bunion recovery and promotes excellent foot health. Orthaheel sandals are frequently praised for easing pain from a wide range of foot conditions in addition to easing painful knees and ankles. The manufacturers are so sure of the benefits of their sandals, that you can get a 30 day guarantee to have pain free walking.
Foot Guru Dr. Andrew Weil M.D puts his name to the shoes and recommends the entire range. They have been given the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval as being great for overall foot health. The range is extensive and includes some of the few toe post sandals which can actually be beneficial for foot health. If you love the ease and versatility of the flip-flop, Orthaheel sandals are the best healthy choice, with the Orthaheel wave one of the best and healthiest toe-post sandals on the market.
Take a look at the video below for a description of the key benefits of Orthaheel sandals. You can view the full range of Orthaheel sandals here.

Naot Sandals

If your sense of style is just as important as the health of your feet, Naot sandals may be just what you are looking for. Healthy and highly comfortable footwear does not mean you have to forget about fashion. Naot sandals boast some of the most attractive sandal designs of any manufacturer, and have been featured in Vogue magazine due to the chic designs; yet these highly fashionable sandals are also excellent for foot health.
The quality of construction is first rate, with the sandals featuring soft, comfortable and highly durable leather uppers. Suede lined footbeds help keep the feet dry, cool and comfortable and the footbed even molds to the shape of the foot for a highly personal fit. Suede helps to wick away any moisture from the feet to keep them cool in the hot summer months, and the cork footbeds and EVA foam rubber soles offer grip and shock absorption for comfortable summer walking.
The footbed is anatomical to match the shape of your feet and gives support where it is needed most, while cushioning under the toes and heel provides maximum summer comfort. The deep heel cup offers stability for the rear of the foot and the whole foot sits low in the sandals for better protection and stability. If you want to look good and take care of your feet, these sandals should certainly be on your short list this summer.
View the full range of Naot Sandals here