Tailors Bunion Night Splint

A tailor’s bunion night splint is a great way of correcting a troublesome tailor’s bunion. A night splint is a device which is placed on the foot to keep the toes in a neutral position. During the night the muscles, tendons and ligaments all relax, making night-time treatment of this condition highly beneficial.

Unfortunately, while night splints are widely available for the treatment of big toe bunions it can be difficult to find a tailor’s bunion night splint. This is not because little toe bunion splints are not sold, only that they are rarely advertised as such these days and are not usually labeled as a tailor’s bunion night splint. There are a wide range of products which serve exactly the same purpose, which are comfortable to wear and encourage the toes back into a normal and healthy alignment.

These versions of little toe bunion splints are typically sold as toe separators, toe spacers and toe stretchers. If you want rigid little toe bunion splints you will most likely need to have them custom made by an orthotic specialist or podiatrist.

Toe Spacers, Stretchers and Separators


Day and Night Treatment of Little Toe Bunions

The above stretching devices can be used for intermittent treatment or during the night-time, although for obvious reasons these will be of little use during the day. If you want the benefits of a tailor’s bunion night splint for the daytime you have plenty of choices available. You can read about them in more detail on the above link.

Alternative Treatments to a Tailor’s Bunion Night Splint

  • Moleskin bunion pads
  • Tailors bunion shields
  • Custom orthotics
  • Arch supports
  • Shoes with a wide toe box and soft uppers
  • Open toe sandals

Bunion pads are either strapped to the foot or stuck to a sock using the adhesive backing. The aim of these products is to ease pressure on the bunion during the day while wearing shoes. Bunion shields are an alternate name for the same product.

Orthotics, arch supports and insoles can all be highly beneficial. The purpose of these devices is to correct foot alignment problems. Since tailor’s bunions are often hereditary and develop from abnormal bone alignment, these treatment options may be necessary to prevent bunions and to treat them if you have a family history of bunions.

One of the most commonly recommended treatments by doctors is a simple change of footwear. Swap narrow restrictive shoes for open toed sandals or shoes with soft yielding uppers and this alone may be sufficient to allow your tailors bunions to heal.

Most Comfortable Tailor’s Bunion Treatment Options

One of the best combinations of treatment is a toe stretching device while sleeping or for a few minutes at the end of each day, and an orthotic insole placed in shoes for daytime wear, with an accompanying bunion pad and appropriate footwear.

If you are in any doubt about the best products to buy to help cure your little toe bunions, keep an eye out for any which have been accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association and be sure to ask your doctor or podiatrist for advice.

Recommended Products for Stretching the Toes and Encouraging Natural Toe Alignment

Our recommended products for stretching the toes to improve alignment and ease pain are detailed below.

Yoga Toes Gems

Yoga Toes toe stretchersA great way to stretch out the toes and an excellent choice to help treat tailor’s bunions. They are comfortable to use, have a lifetime warranty and are hypo-allergenic, Latex and BPA Free. Wear for 10 minutes to an hour each day. The best deals can be found on Amazon – Here’s the link. The product features and benefits are detailed on the site and there is a 10% discount if you use the TOES10 coupon code.

Comfy Toes Foot Alignment Socks

foot alignment socksExtremely comfortable to wear, easy to wash and keep clean and great for wearing in bed in the winter. These socks spread all the toes to help keep them properly aligned to ease your toe and bunion pain. These are a great choice to wear around the house when you get back from work or after a jog.

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