How Toe Spacers Help to Cure Bunionettes

If you are looking for an ultra low cost but effective cure for tailors bunions, toe spacers could well be the answer. For as little as 3 or 4 dollars you can buy these small foam or gel pads to fit between your toes, and they will help to straighten them out and encourage a natural and healthy alignment. This will help to reduce the unsightly bulge from the side of your foot, and will help to prevent your small toe from angling in towards the others.

How to Choose the Right Toe Spacers

They may only cost pocket change to buy, but you should still choose carefully if you want a comfortable and long lasting design. You will need to replace toe spacers from time to time, but there is no point spending money unnecessarily even if it is just a few dollars. Buy the right set and you should get a good few months use out of them.

The main problem with wearing toe spacers inside your shoes, socks and stockings is that the feet sweat, even in cold weather. When you have a non breathable material in contact with your toes, your toes will sweat even more. Sweaty feet mean discomfort, and that is best avoided. Athletes foot affects the smaller toes, and wearing toe spacers can increase the chances of getting this foot fungal infections, as a moist environment means perfect conditions for fungal growth. Some models are designed to help prevent fungal growth, and if you are prone to get sweaty feet, these will be the best choice.

When the feet sweat, the skin gets moist and soft, and any abrasion becomes more damaging. Soft damp skin is more likely to become broken, and that means blisters can form. Blisters may be a minor annoyance, but they can get infected, which is bad news especially if you suffer from circulation problems or diabetes. It is this reason why many toe spacers come with a warning to this effect. Sweat also means foot odor, and your toe spacers may start to smell after a while. You should always look for a model that can be easily cleaned or that are machine washable. If you wear them with tights or socks, it is only a matter of time before one gets left inside your socks or tights and goes through the washing machine, so it does pay to have one that will emerge clean, fresh and fully functional.

Toe Spacers for Your Small Toe

Toe spacers are designed to fit comfortably between your toes so that they can be worn inside shoes and socks without increasing the pressure on your toe joints. However if you purchase the wrong size, they may not fit in your shoes and could actually push your toes against the sides of your shoes which can make your tailors bunion worse. Look for models which are designed for use between the fourth and fifth toe to make sure that they fit comfortably. Some of the best models for comfort are those with an hourglass shape, as these help to reduce rubbing and chafing of the skin.

Best Toe Spacers for Tailors Bunions

There are many types of toe spacers on the market, from cheap foam models to the more expensive gel toe spacers. The difference between them is often comfort, and since the cost difference is usually only a matter of a couple of dollars, it may be better to purchase a better quality and more comfortable pair than to buy cheap and run the risk of developing blisters on the insides of your toes. Some of the best choices are those which are designed to prevent sweating and are highly breathable. These will help to reduce the chance of any fungal growth.

The blue links in this article will direct you to the best websites where you can buy toe spacers cheaply. These products will help to straighten out your toes and reduce the appearance of tailors bunions, and can get you on the road to recovery and perfect looking feet once more. These tailors bunion treatments are low cost, effective, and healthy for your feet. Just check with your doctor first if you have diabetes or circulation problems to get the green light, as it pays to err on the side of caution. If your bunions have been present for some time, these toe spacers may not be sufficient to cure the problem. Toe spacers are generally only useful as a preventative step or in the early stages of the formation of bunions and bunionettes.